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Are there any important or critical milestones we should be aware of moving forward?

Which of the following best describes your current marketing firm relationship

13. Our firm does not participate in unpaid or “spec” creative—will that preclude us from being hired?

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New Client Marketing Needs Assessment

Thank you for considering a relationship with Miles Design. We’d like to kick things off by asking you a few questions about your business.

The goal is to help us get to the heart of your needs. You see, right now you may be thinking, “our company’s look is becoming dated,” or “we really need to overhaul our website.” But many times those concerns – while legitimate - aren’t necessarily the root issue. They’re frequently symptoms of bigger problems like, “the market doesn’t really understand our capabilities,” or “we’re consistently losing work to lower-priced, less experienced competitors.”

This Marketing Needs Assessment will:

  • Determine if Miles Design is a good fit
  • Help you think about your needs
  • Guide you through potential roadblocks
  • Identify opportunities to move forward

So please, take a moment to consider the questions below. Don’t get too flustered by them—it’s just between you and us.

Relax, find a comfy place to think and dig in. If you get stuck or have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at our home office in Indianapolis: Josh Miles (317) 915-8693 x1.

When you’re finished, just hit submit and we'll get back with you soon - Enjoy!